Curbside Pick Up Recycling Programs

ECS&R partners with the municipalities listed below to provide residents with a curbside pick up recycling service. Recyclables include electronics, household hazardous and universal waste. Click for a list of accepted items.

What is Curbside Recycling? 

A safe and environmentally friendly curbside removal of any unwanted or outdated household chemicals, electronics, and universal waste.

What’s the Cost?

Click for City of Pittsburgh rates.
Click for Monroeville rates.

How Does it Curbside Recycling Work?*

Step 1: Register for curbside service by clicking the applicable program below.
Step 2: An ECS&R representative will contact you within 72 business hours of registration for payment- credit card only. Click link above for rate sheet.
Step 3: Residents with chemicals to recycle will be mailed a collection packet. Monroeville and Pittsburgh residents will be mailed stickers to be placed on electronics. Information mentioned above will be received no later than 3 days prior to the scheduled collection.
Step 4: Place bag(s) and electronics 20 feet from the edge of the curb on which the property is addressed.
Step 5: Pat yourself on the back for responsibly recycling your household hazardous waste! 

Monroeville, PA Electronic and Chemical Recycling

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