Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning

ECS&R provides an assortment of industrial cleaning services that will enable your company to shine in today’s competitive business environment. Whether we’re providing routine maintenance, emergency response or project management, ECS&R strives to provide excellent service with the highest attention to safety. Our focus is to reduce operating costs and minimize disruption to your business. We bring … Read more

Hazardous Waste Management Solutions

Hazardous Waste Management

ECS&R can manage the specific challenges of your hazardous waste needs while maintaining regulatory compliance and safety requirements. Complete waste management services provided by our dedicated staff of professional personnel shows our commitment to meeting our customer’s environmental needs. Allow our representatives to assist you in managing all your waste management needs. Service Capabilities include: … Read more

Universal Waste Recycling

Universal Waste Recycling

Universal waste is a category of waste materials designated as “hazardous waste”, but containing materials that are very common. Regulations of universal waste put in place by the EPA are designed to facilitate environmentally sound collection and increase proper recycling or treatment. ECS&R is a certified Universal Waste Handler providing cost effective transportation, accumulation, and disposal/recycling of Universal Waste. Wherever and whenever possible, … Read more

Household Hazardous Waste Recycling

Recycling of Household Hazardous Waste

Each person in Pennsylvania produces an average of four pounds of household hazardous waste each year. That’s about 25,000 tons/yr statewide. But what is Household Hazardous Waste you ask? The DEP defines household hazardous waste as “those wastes produced in our households that are hazardous in nature, but are not regulated as hazardous waste, under … Read more

Electronics Recycling (E-Waste) And Data Destruction

Electronics Recycling

ECS&R makes electronics recycling easy for both the residential and commercial sectors. Did you know since 2010, the US DEP has prohibited residents & businesses from throwing away electronics in the weekly trash? You can now take comfort in knowing that your electronic equipment is completely demanufactured. We responsibly recycle all components minimizing the impacts … Read more